This client* requested the creation of a travel video about Thailand, with a duration of  2-3 minutes. They wanted a cinematic feel, and something that would address the built up desire and anticipation for travel to begin again after the pandemic.
I chose to create the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, and composited many clips I order to create this one video. To make it all fit with the look, feel, music and VoiceOver, I had to do a lot of editing, colour grading and speed enhancing to get the clips and music to complement,  blend and mesh with each other.  
I asked Ivan's Voice Box (a Voice Over artist) to do the Voice Over work for the video production. I then spliced that Voice Over file to fit where it had the most impact within the music and scenes. 
There was also a little bit of creative license used here - I'm quite certain that some of the footage used in this project was shot in destinations other than Thailand. However,  I was constrained to using royalty free stock footage on this project. :)
Any of the assets that required attribution are mentioned in the credits at the end. 
* This travel video composite was created for the Premiere Pro final project in my Graphic Design Technology college diploma.
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