The client* required me to design a tri-fold travel brochure for Iceland.
I was asked to make sure it was visually appealing, so that it would be attractive to pick from the rack, and feature the country's diverse landscapes, with some of the capitol city's unique structures. Website information should be included on the back panel. 
I created the brochure in Adobe InDesign. The feel I wanted to go for was bold, clean and eye catching - like the country itself. The colour palette chosen was to pull from the colours of the water, earth and sky. One image was chosen as the background on the two outside panels, and another image on the inside for the two inside panels. The images I chose are both stunning and eye catching, I felt they would help draw people to pick up the brochure. The link on the back panel travels to an Iceland tourism website, and I also created a QR code for that website, in order to easily facilitate visitor traffic.
Many of the photos I used were captured by my son when he traveled to Iceland a few years ago on with a friend. The other photos were obtained from stock images, or royalty free images. The information featured in the brochure, is courtesy of:
 *This trifold brochure design was created for my final InDesign Project in my Graphic Design Technology college diploma.
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