The client* requested that I create a poster illustrating the lyrics from the song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.
The requested 11" x 17" poster was to be created using mostly composited photos,  combined with a few instances of the lyrics for support to enhance the meaning, and should also have a definite lean towards surrealism. 
I used Photoshop to create this poster, by seamlessly compositing several photos into one image. I used brushes, masks, colour grading, scaling, blend if sliders, and many other compositing techniques in the creation of the final poster. For this project; 3D, Mixer Brush, liquify, and many other Photoshop filters and tools were utilized. 
 *This poster composite was created for my final Photoshop Project in my Graphic Design Technology college diploma.
The images I used in this composite are posted below.
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