Logo designs and branding projects for your business.
Best practice is always a Vector logo design, which you can then use in all sorts of end products at any size: Print items, embroidery, decals, and much more. These are best created in 1-3 colours, as gradients and overly complicated logos generally get costly and difficult to impossible to both print and embroider.
A less expensive option, but also less versatile by far is a photo logo. These are best used for online applications, or in small print projects. These generally don't translate well into embroidery, faxing, and sometimes copying and printing, especially printing large. These are usually best if you do want a lot of colour or gradients, and you only intend to use it online, for business cards and in small print jobs. With these type of logos, you. must never intend to use it on embroidery or decals etc.
Please contact me to discuss your logo or branding requests.
Examples of Vector Logos
Examples of photo logos
Examples of Branding projects
These may include many business items as requested: logo design, stationary designs, product and packaging designs, merchandise designs, business signage etc.
*The Wine Board Charcuterie and the Panache! Music festival are fictitious entities which I created for school branding projects.
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