This client* needed a series of 4 booklets about Design Fundamentals, including designing the booklet's cover & layout, then compiling content pertaining to various topics about design. They wanted them to be eye catching, with colourful and fun images and articles, while also being good sources of information. They had to look like they belonged in a series of booklets. 
For this project, first I researched general booklet sizes, and layouts. I compiled all my information, graphics and photos to include, and then I sketched out what I wanted to try. After showing the sketches to my client, we chose the direction to go.
I used Adobe InDesign to create Master Page designs, then create the first booklet. I then used that first booklet as a template to create the other three booklets. Each booklet has different articles, photos, and colours,  but keeps the same layout and general design. Each booklet encompasses different topics of design theory, is 10 pages in length, and landscape 8.5" x 11" each page.  
Wherever articles, photos or assets were used that required attribution, it's  referenced and mentioned in the booklets.
 *This booklet series design was created for a project in my Graphic Design Technology college diploma.
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