This request was from a client* who asked me to re-illustrate an existing book cover. 
The inclusion of the water tower, the sunset, the boat on the water, and the cabin were important inclusions, as they all played a large role in the story. The client wanted the design to have more of a water-colour/painterly feel to it, with less defined details in the trees, land and water, to better represent the haziness of sunset hours, the heat in the summer, and the location of the story. 
In creating this piece, I researched the book by reading it, then drafting my initial drawings in Adobe Fresco. I completed it using several of Illustrator's vector, drawing and painting tools, brushes, textures, styles, symbols, gradients, and the perspective grid. 
The Author's information and photo are from her official biography -
 *This book cover re-design was created for my final Illustrator Project in my Graphic Design Technology college diploma.

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